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The Hungarian opposition is willing to dance with the devil to overthrow Prime Minister Orbán


Recent anti-semitic controversies affiliated with Jobbik clearly shows: their remission announced a few years back is just an act.

The party’s current president, Tamás Sneider has a quite disturbing past. It’s common knowledge that he used to operate as a skinhead leader in Eger, a rural city and the county seat of Heves county. We can easily imagine all the things he has done before, but new concrete evidence sheds an even more disturbing light to the Jobbik president’s dark past.

Information surfaced about a far-right thug called Roy, and his neo-nazi gang named Sneider-Schutzstaffel (Sneider-storming party) SS for short, of which Roy was the leader. The skinhead gang to show their respect for nazis chose nicknames as Mengele, Little Hitler, Fritz, Führer.

This was not merely a ”tradition”, police records of the time state that on the 14th of September, 1990 at the Dobó square in Eger during the harvest festivities, the gang made an assembly, with approximately 200 members. Later that day they started marching in military formation towards a local residential area, mostly populated by minorities, fully armed and led by the current president of Jobbik. The choir chanting nazi slurs was led by „Roy” himself. Plenty of photographic and video evidence shows their armed presence in the area.

During the spring of the following year one of Sneider’s lieutenant, Cs. Peter kicked a local cook in the head, causing permanent damage in the process, later this man was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Another Nazi organization called September Skins was founded in September 1991, also led by Tamás Sneider. In groups of 25-30, armed with bats, wires, and sticks they were prowling and raiding the city. According to police reports, they have committed 11 violent crimes.

Sneider’s perhaps most important criminal action also happened in this period. On the 14th October 1991 the handicapped Béla F. on his way out of a cinema suddenly found himself facing a 20 men strong neo-nazi storming-party, led by „Roy”. Sneider’s gang started picking at the handicapped man because of his Romany descent, he tried to escape, but his injured leg sadly prevented him from doing so. Sneider and 8 of his comrades threw him on the ground, and while chanting various nazi phrases started beating him with sticks and wires. According to the indictment: „During the chase Béla F.  was caught by the group led by Tamás Sneider (accused) and Béla F. was hit by Tamás Sneider. When the plaintiff collapsed to the ground, the accused and personnel in his company started hitting Béla F. with sticks and wires, later they continued kicking the plaintiff on the ground.”

Sneider got away with minimal punishment, he was sentenced to 8 months in prison, with 3 years probation. The only reason for this is that he took a plea agreement. The public opinion was also not satisfied with the sentence. Several signs indicate that Sneider’s two sons continued their father’s „tradition” since both of them are under legal action for continuous forced violence, committed against a member of a community, and grouped breach of domicile.

Regardless Sneider seems to be well and in nice harmony with his beloved since according to a video, his newlywed wife also made Nazi salutes during their wedding.

The whole party seems to have issues getting rid of antisemitism. A few months ago an audio recording came up, on which the voice of the former deputy floor-leader, István Szávay could be heard bragging about beating a Jewish woman. After the controversy, Szávai reluctantly resigned his position in the party, and his mandate in the parliament as well, which means that the party did not exclude him. At least that’s what he claims and recent information also suggests that Szávay is still a member of Jobbik.

Meanwhile, the liberal media doesn’t seem to put that much of a focus on these events, politicians of the opposition, the great opinion gurus either seem to be completely silent on these controversies or they try to deceive their voters by claiming that such things are matters of the past. Why are they acting this way? The reason is mere political ambition, they are trying to set the stage for a complete alliance of opposition parties for the European parliamentary election.

Szávay and Sneider are just mere examples of how Jobbik actually works behind the curtains. While they keep up the act of a restrained party that tries to redeem itself, anti-semitism and a deep sympathy towards nazism still rule its ranks. The party had absolutely no intention removing Szávay from his position after his scandal, and Sneider claimed that his wife’s Nazi salutes were only jokes. So the „moderate” Jobbik’s President seems to believe that the crimes of the Third Reich and the tragedy of the Holocaust are funny.

Jobbik did not change at all, they just learned how to hide their true disgusting colors. It’s fairly obvious that the liberal left is blinded by their hatred towards Orbán, so they are not willing to see though Jobbik’s charade. They rather cooperate with a party where anti-semitism is commonplace, against a government that actually protects these minorities since day one.

Recently a left-wing liberal intellectual, Péter Róna openly stated: ”We must cooperate even with Nazis and antisemites for the sake of overthrowing the government”

In the spring, before the Parliamentary election, the shared Presidential candidate of the Hungarian Socialist Party (successors of the old Communist Party) and a green party named  „Párbeszéd”, Gergely Karácsony stated: We must cooperate with everyone, even „with the Devil.”

As of this day, the entire liberal and left-wing opposition still shares this opinion.

Borítófotó: MTI/Koszticsák Szilárd, Mohai Balázs