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Rolex Cellini Watches embodies the art of living

Rolex Presents New Cellini series to highlight the contemporary spirit of the traditional bell table classic style and timeless elegance. This new series consists of 12 classic watches, each of which shall have expertise and sophisticated set of processes in one, full of Rolex at the timeless tradition of watchmaking.

With simple and elegant lines, noble magnificent material, and modification of refined luxury, all the details are in line with the law of watchmaking. However, this series of new watch is not confined to the good old design. By highly respected in the Italian Renaissance artist, goldsmith and sculptor Benvenuto Cellini inspired by the Holy See named Rolex Cellini series , while back classical roots on the other hand among modern re-interpretation of the essence of the way, the perfect harmony. These watches Rolex bears watchmaking tradition, reminiscent of contemporary Rolex Cellini Watches monumental architecture, its proportions and layout simple lines, space and light and modern with clever. New Cellini watch away from the traditional constraints of time completely transformed into a guardian, it is a symbol of style, luxury, and truly reflects the art of living (art de vivre) extraordinary value.

New Cellini series interpretation of the finest watchmaking traditions fascinating, absolutely elegant. Case manufactured by Rolex exclusive foundry, with 18ct white gold or rose gold eternity styles to choose from. Classic 39 mm diameter circular design is a traditional brand logo, and detailed modeling ear shells, polished modification, and with arched outer ring and an outer ring composed of triangular grooves double outer ring, so watch more distinctive . Which symbolizes Rolex triangular grooves for screw-back, and back is as old as circular arch design. Flared screw-in crown Cellini series highlights the exquisite aesthetics.

Another dial also cited the brand's watchmaking knowledge and tradition. Each dial are modified by paint or decorated with black or silver-plated classic "rayon flamm de la gloire" radiation pattern and a matching gold-dimensional hour markers, different functions depending on the watch dial layout, the whole family can Cellini divided into three categories. Cellini Date will be added to the calendar deputy dial function pointer, Hua Shi both, finally, Cellini Dual Time can display two time zones, and the elegant assembly instructions day and night, sun and moon dial window a second time in the sub-region. Cellini watches are equipped with all new extremely precise self-winding mechanical movement, and all were certified as a chronometer Observatory by Rolex manufacture. To show the purest traditional style, these watches available in glossy black or brown alligator leather strap, stitching trim, and equipped with 18 ct gold buckle, aptly demonstrated gentlemanly grace.

When Cellini Time timeless essence, minutes and seconds is an essential element of daily timekeeping. Cellini Time distractions, and strive to grasp the opportunity to capture moments every minute. Simple and clear dial not only to pay tribute to the eternal principles of traditional watchmaking and modern style with elegant re-interpretation of the essence of the watch, including separated by slender and stylized Roman numerals, and is moved to the center of the dial-minute track, slender pointer close to the end of the hour mark. With this extraordinary timepiece is a self-winding chronograph movement, so faceted and showed double-edged sword-shaped pointer accurately every minute of every hour operation.

Rolex Cellini Watches embodies the art of living

Cellini Time with four watches, black lacquer or white lacquer dial with 18 ct white gold or rose gold eternity 39 mm case show the elegant and modern

Cellini Date day and night, filling the elegant time endlessly continued to tick away, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Every day is different, indispensable. Cellini Date except in the minutes and seconds display, calendar display and add more features, maximize their elegant style and illustrious tradition and exuberant poetic. Phnom Penh deputy with small radiation pattern of the central dial located at the 3 o'clock position, showing the complete sequence of the month date. As the old clocks, day after day Xiaojin pointer indicates the current date. This calendar display located on a single dial, witness time flies, whether yesterday, today or tomorrow, this remarkable timepiece is always accompanied.

Rolex Cellini Watches embodies the art of living

Cellini Date decorated with "rayon flammé de la gloire" radiation pattern of black or silver dial, elegant and calm

Cellini Dual Time Dual time the sun rises over there, here it is nearing the end of the day, when the night is getting stronger, the sun slowly disappeared in the horizon line, and Cellini Dual Time dial at the bottom of the window, the sun is slowly emerging. Cellini Dual Time allows the wearer to use the time in different regions, at a glance, can simultaneously read two times. Located at the 6 o'clock position from the small Phnom Penh deputy dial, you can display the time when the other party knows, can know the location of loved ones when you are out of time travel, business partners can view the time in which countries. To distinguish between day and night time and vice dial window will appear at 9 o'clock the sun or moon sign. Grand Central was double-edged sword-shaped pointer, the journey has been accompanied by the wearer. The hour may be succeeding, "beating" as a separate adjustment, display time zone, and does not affect the normal operation of the watch movement or self-winding chronograph accurate.

Rolex Cellini Watches embodies the art of living

Cellini Dual Time with alligator strap assembly stitching trim understated luxury image, showing the spirit of the brand Rolex

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